The Bush Retreats for Eco-Writers (BREW) network offers free 5-10 day residencies for writers who explore ecological themes. Initiated by eminent Australian environmental philosopher Professor Freya Mathews, the network currently has five sites, located on ecologically significant private properties in various parts of Australia.

With a view to fostering environmental culture in Australia, we warmly invite applications for residencies to undertake ecological writing, research, or art projects at any one of our properties.

Innovative conservation projects are underway on several of the properties and, to support this work, these sites are also available as research sites to interested ecologists. Opportunities may exist to partner with local art centres and present in local schools.

Hosts offer basic self-catering accommodation.  There is no charge, but residents may be asked to make a small contribution towards electricity and other costs. On some properties, residents can participate in conservation activities. We ask our residents to provide a short report on their stay to post on the BREW website for the benefit of other applicants (see News).

We sincerely acknowledge the traditional custodians of all the sites in the BREW network and we pay our respects to the Elders of the relevant countries: past, present, and emerging.

BREW alumni

Helena Pastor, 2022 at Blue Bucket

Amanda McLeod, 2022 at Blue Bucket

Abi Andrews, 2021 at Plumwood Mountain

Topic: ‘Kithness’ and Wildlife Care

Ruby E. Stephens and Adele Dumont, 2021 at Blue Bucket

Natalie Cook, 2021 at Blue Bucket

Margaret Duncan and Rhonda Duncan (Ngalakgan and Ritharrŋu Elders from Urapunga community) and Lillian Tait (non-Indigenous PhD candidate from Macquarie University), 2021 at Pandanus Springs

Topic: Wokwok mijimit bla faindim dismob stori blanga Yurapanji | Walking together to find these stories about Urapunga.


Maddee Clark, 2019, at Tamborine Mountain

Topic: Indigenous futurism in literature

Pinchgut Creek_Gerda Roelvink

Gerda Roelvink, 2019, at Pinchgut Creek

Topic: Cultural economic geography and regenerative agriculture

Vivienne Glance at Blue Bucket

Vivienne Glance, 2019, at Blue Bucket

Topic: The Story Shall Be Changed, a novel about a group of environmental activists working to save remnant old growth forest


Jilda Andrews, 2018, at Pinchgut Creek

Topic: Encounters with cultural material in museum collections: An Indigenous perspective


Francesca Sidoti, 2018, at Blue Bucket

Topic: Places of significance to young adults

vanessa 4

Vanessa Bible, 2017, at Tamborine Mountain

Topic: Terania Creek and the birth of modern environmental activism

Allis Hamilton, 2017, at Pinchgut Creek

Topic: Homecoming, poetry, and curlews


Marty Branagan, 2016, at Tamborine Mountain

Topic: An eco-sci-fi novel, Locked On: The Seventh and Most Illegal in the Hitchhikers’ Guide Trilogy

Me in October Armidale taken by Sharon

Johanna Garnett, 2016, at Tamborine Mountain

Topic: Environmental peace-building in Myanmar


Darryl Jones, 2016, at Tamborine Mountain

Topic: The feeding of wild birds

Justine pic 5

Justine Philip, 2015, at Blue Bucket

Topic: A cultural history of the dingo

For detailed reports of each residency, see News.

If you would like more information or a residency application form, please send a message via the ‘Contact us’ page.

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